Fort Worth, TX

Cindy, Oregon name is Cindy! I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on December 5, 2017 and

immediately got thrown in to making lots of difficult decisions on my treatment options. I

met with a Breast Surgeon and she mentioned something called “cold caps” which I

knew nothing about but immediately started researching what it was in case chemo was

in my future. I came across Warrior Caps and contacted Lisa immediately and heard

back from her within minutes. I loved the name Warrior Caps as my high school mascot

was a warrior so it resonated with me. Once I knew that chemo was recommended, I

signed up and started pulling together a team of girlfriends to help with the

process. They dove in head first and were with me every step of the way. Before they

even knew the name of the company I was using was they had shirts made for a

broader group of my girlfriends and the graphic is Warrior Sisters! J It was meant to be

that I chose Lisa and her fabulous company! J I had 3 girlfriends with me each time as

well as my loving boyfriend! He helped with the dry ice and transporting me and the

giant cooler to the hospital and then the girls took over. When chemo was over we

raced home but most times we had to stop in a parking lot and change the caps before

we could arrive home for more of the capping. I had 4 rounds of chemo and finished

up late March of 2018. I lost what I would assume is about 30% of my hair and while I

had a few bald spots and thinning areas on top, I never wore a wig or anything and got

by with bobby pins and sponge rollers to make it presentable. I followed Lisa’s 10

commandments to a tee and most people at my company had no idea that I had breast

cancer! I didn’t share my diagnosis to the broader circle of friends until last October on

the first day of Breast Cancer month. My surgeries were all complete in August of 2018

and I am happy to say that I am doing well!

My goal now is to raise money for this cause and help others along the way. I’m

involved in a support group in my local area of Portland, Oregon and we do lots of fun

activities and share our breast cancer stores. I spent most of this year raising money

for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day 60 mile walk which I participated in mid- September. It

was an awesome experience and I was lucky to have one of my dear friends join me on the walk. Between the two of us we raised over $8,000 for the cause. I have had a few

friends recently diagnosed so I am always there as a resource for them and currently

am assisting a gal that is using Warrior Caps. She was referred to me by our

hairdressers who share a space at the same hair salon. Cold Caps were a game

changer for me and helped me feel somewhat normal as I was going through something

devastating. I would recommend Lisa and Warrior Caps to anyone and love that I get to

be a part of the Warrior Ambassador program.