Fort Worth, TX


Elise, Texas

"When I learned I was going to have chemo, I decided to try cold caps as a means to keep my hair. As a nurse, I knew about the concept, but didn't know the details. I asked my doctors for information and was surprised the only thing they would give me was a sheet with websites of different companies that offered the caps and I was told to research them myself. Most of the websites were vague about the product and the services. Warrior Caps was the most comprehensive and affordable. I contact Lisa and set up a meeting for the next Saturday where the whole process was described and what I could expect. I opted to go with Warrior Caps and use Jeffrey, their capping specialist to do my capping so my husband was free to take care of me during chemo. An added bonus was that Lisa has been a constant source of emotional support answering questions, giving me tips to get through chemo and cheering me on throughout the whole process. The psychological impact of keeping most of my hair has been invaluable. Looking in the mirror and seeing a "normal" me during an abnormal time has been a true blessing" 

Julie, Texas

"Jeff was such a blessing to our Warrior Princess" 

Gloria, Texas

"I was fortunate to meet Lisa & Jeff and to have them by my side throughout my chemo treatment. Lisa demonstrated true characteristics of a survivor with optimism and strength, and showered me with constant support and inspiration! She generously shared all her experiences and anticipated all my needs. I felt that I could always count on her and Jeff. I appreciated everything they did which included saving my hair. It was important to me to have the normalcy of having hair for my children and Warrior Caps helped me achieve that goal! Thank you Lisa & Jeff

Jennie, Texas

"BECAUSE SOME WARRIORS HAVE HAIR! Can you believe this hair? No doubt, I have dark brown roots inches long, my hair is thinner and dry and I lost about 1/3 of all my hair. BUT FRIENDS...6 ROUNDS OF TOXIC, CANCER KILLING CHEMO AND THIS.GIRL.HAS.HAIR! Bald is beautiful and it is within the heart of each of us to decide how we are going to try and manage this fight! Sooo many decisions. So many questions! So many things you have no control over!...But please know dear friends, you have an option when it comes to your hair and should you choose to try and keep yours, in the midst of this fight, Warrior Caps have got your back! Lisa and Jeff were not only my Warrior Cap heroes, they have also become family! I love them dearly and my battle was so much easier with them by my side! Love you Lisa and Jeff and Thank You for your support, encouragement, friendship and love! #somewarriorshavehair #warriorcaps #thisis warriorcapfamily #Godsquad

Yajis, Texas

"Lisa, you are doing amazing work! I can't stop talking about the excellent and personalized service you provide. Thank you for being an essential part of my chemo team. WE KICKED CANCERS BUTT!!" 

Jineen, Texas

"Lisa, you truly nailed it with Warrior Caps! Your expertise, your faith in me, your TLC, and your support made all the difference in my treatment experience! Keeping all of my hair was a counterpart marathon to the chemo marathon, and it was a life-changing experience for me. Thank you for being a trail-blazer and my cheerleader - and for creating a successful, positive business! With your guidance, I felt empowered to get better sooner because I looked like "me".I'm proud to be a Warrior and I'm proud to pay it forward!"

Griselda, Texas

"Just wanted to let you know that my hair is growing, eyebrows are back!! I'm so thankful for Warrior Caps! I was able to continue teaching throughout the whole process.  The best part was that my five year old didn't have to see me without hair. I'm forever thankful. God bless you!"


Marti Boren, RN, OC

"Dear Lisa, as an Oncology Nurse and your Case Manager I watched you as you went through chemo with the determination to have some control over what was happening to you and your body. This control manifested itself in your decision to keep your hair instead of shaving your head and wearing a wig. I watched as you refused to give in to naysayers and doubters and insisted on your right to have cold cap therapy as part of your treatment regime. AND, YOU KEPT YOUR HAIR. I watched this same determination play itself out when other patients approached you about the cold cap therapy but were unable to afford it. You started on a mission to make it affordable for most and again you succeeded. I watched as you started your company "WARRIOR CAPS" and I watched as you fought the system for every patient's right to wear the cold caps during therapy. You didn't stop there. You went so much further by providing personal attention to each Warrior. You formed "WARRIOR CAPS" and I watched as you took the negatives away from your experience and made the cold cap therapy a positive and affordable experiencefor patients who want to participate. Lisa, you are a true hero, in my book. You had the vision of giving some control to patients who want to keep their hair and making it affordable for them AND you did it. KUDOSE AND LOVE TO YOU."

C. Smith, Long Island, New York

"I was informed on a Thursday the following Tuesday I would begin chemotherapy. My oncologist said one of the side effects would be losing my hair. After discussing the situation with my husband we decided Thursday night not to cold cap - with everything going on it would be too much. The next morning I woke up and knew I needed to try and my husband supported that decision too. So, for the rest of the day I researched all the companies listed by the Rapunzel Project. In order to research Warrior Caps I emailed the company on a Friday night and I received a quick response. Of course, that left a good impression but that was only the beginning. After checking the prices and the resources that were provided I decided Warrior Caps was not only the most economical but also the company with the most support. By Saturday I had signed up with the company and by Sunday the resources I needed started to arrive. We were not able to meet in person for training since we do not live in Texas, however, with Warrior Caps very specific instructions, a contact cell phone number in our hands and lots of time viewing videos examples, my husband and I arrived for the first chemo treatment  with a cooler, dry ice, caps and the suppliers we received from Warrior Caps. My chemo infusion side indulged me and gave us plenty of space but I could see I was not their typical patient. In fact, I later found out that during the time I was receiving chemo I was the only person  doing cold capping at the site. The doctors and nurses let us do what we needed to do but the most support we received for the process was from Lisa. She believed that the process would work for me, even when I wondered. By my final session we had several believers on the staff and when I went to my follow up oncologist appointment after my chemo treatments he said it was the best cold capping result he had ever seen. When I was leaving my radiology appointment a few months after chemo I was asked by someone in the elevator if I worked in the building, the person was surprised when I said I was a patient. One of the primary members of my support team has been Lisa- emails, cards, flowers to celebrate the end of chemo - and the support continued long past my last chemo application. So if you want to keep your hair so you can look in the mirror and see the person you saw before your diagnosis or if you want to decide who knows your diagnosis then, I would not only recommend  cold capping - I would recommend Warrior Caps. The price is the most economical and the support is priceless. I cannot thank Lisa enough for walking this path with me. If you choose to keep your hair, then Warrior Caps should be your choice. 

Zia, Texas

Warrior Caps allowed me to live a normal life during chemoand to move on quickly after it was over. No embarrassing questions, no furtive looks, no pitying glances, and not waiting a year or more to feel like myself again. No one knew I had cancer unless I told them. This privacy and dignity was so powerful for me. Lisa and Jeff are absolutely incredible. Lisa answered warmly on the first ring when I called and soothed my worries and confusion when I was first investigating the cold caps process. It can feel overwhelming and even a little frivolous to be devoting so much energy to hair when you are facing chemo, but I'm so glad I chose Warrior Caps. I called every single cold caps provider and Warrior Caps was far superior in price, value and customer service. Jeff was invaluable teaching my dad the capping process- he arrived early and made sure my dad felt comfortable with each step. My dad would say he was nervous being entrusted with my hair as my capper and Jeff was so diligent in teaching and reassuring him. Warrior Caps has my full recommendation!

Pam, South Carolina

Hearing that I have "cancer" was daunting enough. Then the words continued - Surgery, Stage 2, chemo, hair loss, etc... How do I do this? Regarding may hair my friends said "It's just hair. It will grow back." Yes, it is just hair but it's my hair. My doctor mentioned to me cooling caps to possibly prevent hair loss. Knowing nothing about cooling caps I researched a few companies. Once I spoke to Lisa my research stopped. I knew immediately that I was going with Warrior Caps. Her personal touch with having gone through the same thing made all the difference in the world. She gets it! I didn't need a "big company" to just mail me a product. Being able to contact Warrior Caps when I had the craziest questions not only relieved my stress but allowed me to complete chemo with confidence and hair. Warrior Caps was with me every step of the way. My last chemo treatment was November 2, 2018 and I have had very little hair loss. I am so thankful for Warrior Caps! I absolutely recommend them to anyone considering cooling caps.

Jessica, South Carolina

"I found out in early January 2018 I am cancer free, every day is the best day. The fact that I kept my hair and I get to start this brand new chapter with fresh gorgeous hair, I am beyond confident. Can't wipe this smile off my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you Warrior Caps."


Cortney, Texas

Cancer can take alot from us without asking permission. It takes our dignity, our aspirations, our energy and our confidence. The one thing cancer couldn't take from me without my permission was my hair. I had a choice and that choice was to utilize scalp cooling therapy with Warrior Caps during chemotherapy. I had met several women who had used scalp cooling before I was told I needed chemotherapy. When my oncologist recommended scalp cooling due to the great results she has seen, I knew that I wanted to through this journey with someone who has been there and knew how I felt. Besides being the most reasonably priced option, Warrior Caps also came with Lisa, who was there to share her experiences and encouragement every step of the way. Since my initial diagnosis, nothing has been more comforting to me than the women who have traveled the road before me. Also, Jeff was an awesome support for friends and family who were there to help me! Here I am, four months post-chem and I still have the majority of my hair! I am much more confident in facing the aftermath of cancer with the normalcy of having my own hair. Traveling, job interviews, dinners out ... all with more confidence. Thank you to Warrior Caps for giving me this choice - I will be forever grateful.

Sharon, North Carolina

"When I got my diagnosis I was afraid. I was also scared that I would lose all my hair. It was extremely important to me that I keep my hair, that I look normal because I was about to start my Kids First Christmas event for 2,000 special children in need. ​I could not let them down. Lisa came highly recommended from my nurse navigator. I was so glad I found Lisa at Warrior Caps. I knew I had the best rental company but I never dreamed that I had also found a friend and an advocate like Lisa. She gave me great comfort and handled every detail. She made sure my husband knew exactly what to do. She contacted me before every treatment. She has such great knowledge and a loving and positive spirit. I was able to keep all of my hair and felt empowered to be in front of 14,000 people at the Trans Siberian concert where I stood on stage and accepted a donation for my charity. Lisa gave me great confidence and bolstered my overall attitude. She became my friend. I am forever grateful to her and Warrior Caps. She is a true friend and amazing woman and warrior! She helps people because she wants to not because she has to. I couldn't have gotten through this without her.

Dana, Texas

Hearing the words "breast cancer" can be quite shocking and scary. As I tried to wrap my mind around chemotherapy and the reality of losing my hair, a friend told me about Warrior Caps. I contacted Lisa and within a few hours we had all of the information we needed and knew we were going to move forward with cold cap therapy. Not only is Warrior Caps the most economical of capping companies we looked in to, their personalized support is like no other. I could tell immediately that they were a true support system during this awful time. Jeff met with us and patiently trained my "capper" until we were all confident enough to walk through the process alone. He answered all of our questions and fully prepared us for what to expect. Lisa has been my advocate, encourager and most importantly my friend that I am so thankful for. Being able to keep my hair has been so instrumental to my quality of life during treatments. It has provided privacy and normalcy for me and my family, including my young children. Now that chemo is over, I don't have to wait months or years until I feel somewhat normal again. I still have my hair! Cancer has taken so much from me without my permission; I am so grateful I got to keep my hair and I'm honored to be a part of the Warrior Caps family.


Tonya, Texas

​"Thank you so much for everything! Having Jeff here has been such a blessing too. He and you have made this entire process so much easier for me. This helped me keep my self confidence while getting through this time. Bless you both!"

Cindy, Oregon

"I found out I had Breast Cancer in December 2017. At one of my first appointments the Surgeon that I saw mentioned cold caps. I immediately starting doing some research while waiting to find out what my course of treatment would be. I had 2 lumpectomies and after the 2nd one failed to get everything and also finding out that I had a high oncotype score chemo was recommended. I found the Warrior Caps website and liked everything that I read. My high school mascot is a Warrior so that spoke to me and it felt like it was mean to be. I immediately emailed Lisa and within five minutes she responded back. We had a phone conversation and I was sold and ready to get going. I started 4 rounds of TC chemo on 1/25/18 and just finished up on 3/29/18. Lisa has been an absolute angel and every time I called, texted or emailed I knew she would immediately get back to me. I had the most amazing group of girlfriends and a loving boyfriend surrounding me and they embraced the cold caps and everything about the process. I would say maybe I have lost 25% to 30% of my hair but have managed to keep it looking quite good with the help of sponge rollers and bobby pins! I followed all of Lisa's 10 commandments and am planning to do so for quite a while. The only people in my office that know I have cancer are the ones that I have told and I doubt anyone else would have a clue. The process of chemo and using the cold caps is definitely a challenge but it is 100% worth the effort if you want to keep the majority of your hair. I'm ready to get on to the next phase of my treatment with surgery next month and happy to know that I am going forward as Warrior With Hair! Thanks soooooo much are the best! 

Kristen, Texas

"I was introduced to Lisa and Warrior Caps by my oncology Surgeon. When you are diagnosed with cancer, things happen quickly... and before you know it you are in the thick of making a lot of decisions you'd never thought you'd have to make for yourself. I was so glad to learn about the opportunity to save my hair. I knew it would be a saving grace for me and I was willing to pay whatever the price was. I went to my oncologist and discussed cold capping after I spoke with my oncology surgeon. I trust these two people with my everything but my oncologist was very skeptical about keeping my hair through the Adriamyacin (AC) treatment. She said I'd likely keep the majority of it through Taxol treatments but not through the "Red Devil". I was emotional and upset to learn this and immediately started to plan to shave my head and a trip with girlfriends to pick out a wig. That was until I spoke with Lisa, the owner of Warrior Caps. Through Lisa's testimony, and others she connected me with, I learned that several women were able to see the majority of their hair through AC treatments. My thought was even if I lost half of my hair, it's better than having none and I've spoken with others who said it'll grow back quicker if you have some hair instead of none! So there I was back to making this decision to save my hair through cold cap therapy. Not only is Warrior Caps the most reasonably priced of the few companies that offer cold capping, I cannot say enough about the emotional support and friendship I've gained from Lisa and Jeff. They don't have to provide this level of service and caring but they do, it's just who they are. They are truly genuine people and angels of mine and many others. I would say I lost about 15% of my hair but I followed the Warrior Caps guidelines on how to take care of your hair and had a wonderful result!My shedding only happened during AC but everyone is different! I am so happy that I was connected with Lisa and went with my gut on this. People have false views of those going through cancer treatment. She/He is "sick", "weak", We've heard it all. The truth is, we are Warriors. Not only am I blessed by the grace of God to have met those put in my path on this journey, I am also blessed to continue these relationships I've made and to be an advocate for other women who have breast cancer and cold capping. Needless to say, my oncologist has completely changed her perspective on saving hair during AC treatment. She has referred other women to speak with me and also talks about Warrior Caps with her patients.She said I'm helping to change the future of breast cancer patients by showing and telling her and others my story. Thank you Warrior Caps!I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company! 

Kelly, Texas

"Warrior Caps literally saved my sanity! My doctor told me I needed chemo and I thought my life was over...It was so depressing to try on wigs and thinking this would be my new "normal". When a friend of mine told me about Warrior Caps - it was an answer to my prayers. Lisa (Warrior Caps owner) was so patient with me and helped me every step of the way on this journey - through prayers and tears - she is now my life long friend! I will forever be grateful for her kindness. Jeff (my capper) was so patient and sweet - he made my chemotherapy seem less daunting. He was always positive and in a cheerful mood and laid back. He made sure to save every last hair follicle he could! After chemo not only do I have my hair, but I have my sanity! A million thanks to Warrior Caps."

Beverly, Texas

"I am happy to say that I completed my last chemo treatment! During the time I was in treatment my grandson reached 15 months of age, which has included being a toddler and eagerly beginning to learn words. Grady has started identifying facial features -- and hair. Just in recent weeks Grady has identified my hair. This bit of "normal" is one of the reasons I chose to use Warrior Caps. I want you and Jeff to know how thankful I am for the service you offer. Warrior Caps made a significant positive influence on my treatment experience."

Lynn, Louisiana

"I wanted to thank you again for the services you provided me so I could cold cap during my TC treatment. You were always incredibly responsive, supportive and helpful! Your story and experience are truly inspirational. I am so thankful for all you did to assist me with keeping my hair.