Fort Worth, TX

Francine, Texas

In February of 2018, at 41 years old, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My specific subtype was Triple Positive and my tumor measured 4.9 cm. Needless to say, this was quite a shock. As a mother of two teenagers, it was really important to me to keep things as “normal” as possible during this time. I didn’t want the sad looks and pitiful stares out in public, I didn’t want sympathy and I didn’t want my children to receive any extra attention because their mom  was sick. I just wanted to be as normal as possible when there was so little to feel normal about. With this in mind, I decided that cold-capping and saving my hair would be one way to accomplish this. My particular regimen was notorious for permanent hair loss—so that weighed on my mind as well.

 I talked to Lisa at Warrior Caps and discussed my options. After our conversation, I knew that cold-capping was the path for me. While Lisa did not guarantee success, she provided me with every tool possible to be as successful as possible. I followed the instructions and the protocol to a T. My results were beyond impressive. At the most, I lost 25% of my hair. I thinned in a few spots but was able to cover it up very easily. My capper was beyond amazing—which is a huge part of why my results were so great. I am so thankful that I was able to go through treatment as anonymously as I wanted to be. Cold-capping gave me that advantage. It gave me the chance to decide who I shared my story with. Now that chemo is in my rearview mirror, I hope that sharing my story and success with cold-capping will encourage others to try. We all have our reasons for wanting to save our hair. Whatever your reason may be, it’s worth it.